What To Do If You've Received a WARN Notice

If you receive a WARN notice and you're uncertain about how the layoff will impact your retirement plan, it may be beneficial to attend a retirement seminar so we can help you manage your retirement savings!

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Important Information & Disclosures:

Your registration covers in-person classroom instruction, a workbook, and one hour of time to discuss your specific situation (referred to as Part III - office hours. Office hours are not meant to be construed as individual investment advice.) At the end of the workshop, we want you to think differently about retirement. You'll be armed with the ability to analyze various planning decisions and implement strategies to potentially reduce taxes, manage stock market volatility, visualize your retirement, and much more.

Each topic will be discussed in greater detail at the presentations. Please note that any strategy utilizing investments carries an inherent element of risk. Certain strategies may not apply or be suitable for all registrants. For specific estate planning or tax advice, be sure to consult with an estate planning attorney or tax advisor.

The instructors for your local RDL are affiliated with USA Financial Securities Corp. Member FINRA/SIPC. A Registered Investment Advisor. For specific information regarding the registration of your local presenter please visit:https://brokercheck.finra.org/